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About us - Panchtatva Ayurvedic Clinic

Panchatatva Ayurveda Research Institute and Hospital It's Commitment: We are committed to providing the highest quality of education in Ayurveda. Each of our programs value an extensive focus on hands-on clinical approaches throughout the curricula. Panchatatva is a pioneer in providing an educational environment that integrates the best of both Eastern and Western healing modalities. At the heart of all our programs is the desire and commitment to help our graduates treat the body, mind and spirit of future clients. Mission & Vision: The mission of the Panchatatva Ayurveda Research Institute and Hospital is to thoroughly prepare students for careers in Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Nursing, and Pharmacy by way of lecture, hands-on laboratory experiences, clinical training and development of business understanding and skills. Panchatatva seeks to nurture professional healing practitioners by allowing students to develop their own individual style, art, and energy—while also expanding the understanding and utilization of holistic therapies in the Ayurvedic community. AYURVEDIC medicine philosophies originated from centuries of usage in Indian culture. The treatment focuses on the whole person and treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptom. Every year in the world, millions of people find relief and healing through the natural treatment approaches of Ayurvedic medicine and therapies. At the Panchatatva Ayurveda Research Institute and Hospital, we believe your success is our success. Institute History: The Panchatatva is established by Dr. Vashist, Dr. Srikant Singh and Mr Dhiraj Srivastava in 2017, as an institute of Ayurvedic medicine focused on the philosophy of holistic remedies and health education. Their goal is simple: Provide students with the highest quality education and prepare them for rewarding careers steeped in the traditions of Ayurvedic medicine. They continue to work tirelessly to teach students to prepare themselves to help pe

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